We support artists by providing them a venue to exhibit their artwork for two months. Each artist will also be entitled an opening night in the cafe.

If you are interested in holding an exhibition, please contact us.

CURRENT ARTIST - ZANE FIX (September-December 2021)

Zane Fix is a New York based artist who is known as a contemporary guru for the modern Japanese art scene. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1957, the art of Zane Fix blends both the intensity and simplicity of Japanese woodblock prints with the pop sensibility of early and mid 20th century western pop and commercial art. Zane began honing his skills of draftsmanship as a child by interpreting the works of Hokusai, Sharaku and Utamaro. He attended Cooper Union School of Architecture and travelled to Kyoto, Japan in 1997 where he began the path as an apprentice sumi-e painter and woodblock cutter, which led him to his current incarnation as the guru of Jap Pop Art. Zane's art works are all labor and time intensive, utilizing techniques he learned as an architectural draftsman, apprentice sumi-e painter and woodblock cutter. He also uses brush, pen, ink and wax pencils on various handmade rice papers.